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DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL OR CONTACT INFORMATION on ThePaganPageWebsite. Share no more than your first name. Keep Forum posts PG and Respectful of all people, cultures, and religions. No foul language. DO NOT TEACH BLACK MAGIC OR BLOOD MAGIC! Forums in English Only. DO NOT POST ABOUT POISONOUS HERBS UNLESS YOU STATE THEY ARE POISONOUS! Do not promote other stores or sellers other than the ones listed in the "Affiliated Shops" section. Do not sell your own services unless you have an "affliliated shops" thread. QUOTE SOURCES IF THE INFORMATION IS NOT KNOWN OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD. Also, ANYTHING HERE DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF A LISENSCED PHYSICIAN! CONSULT ONE BEFORE BEGINNING ANY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE TREATMENT! By using these forums, you acknowledge and agree to these rules and agree to see a physician before beginning any alternative medicine plan.

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