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Roses and their medicinal properties

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Consult a doctor before use for any of the following medicinal properties:

- Anti-inflamatory when applied topically

- Rosehips Increase the muscular function of the heart when taken internally

- Cools the body

- Analgesic (anti-itch and anti-pain) when applied topically

- Relaxes the Liver

- Anti-anxiety treatment when smelled

- Relieves muscle spasms when applied topically

- Causes wounds to stop bleeding when applied topically

- Rose water and oils are great for the skin, increase elacstiticy, firms and tones, lessens the appearance of pores, and helps get rid of acne

- Rosehips contain a ton of vitamins and anti-oxidants and other great things for your health when ingested!

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